The International Decision Conferencing Forum

                      International Decision Conferencing Forum

Furthering the development of decision conferencing by bringing together facilitators from across the globe

What is Decision Conferencing?

"Decision Conferencing is a series of intensive working meetings, called decision conferences, attended by groups of people who are concerned about some complex issues facing their organisation.  There are no prepared presentations or fixed agenda; the meetings are conducted as live, working sessions lasting from one to three days.  A unique feature is the creation, on-the-spot, of a computer-based model which incorporates data and the judgements of the participants in the groups.  The model is often based on multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA), which provides ample scope for representing both the many conflicting objectives expressed by participants, and the inevitable uncertainty about future consequences.  The model is a ‘tool for thinking’ enabling participants to see the logical consequences of differing viewpoints, and to develop higher-level perspectives on the issues.  By examining the implications of the model, then changing it and trying out different assumptions, participants develop a shared understanding and reach agreement about the way forward."
(Larry Phillips,

The members of the forum

Are facilitators with experience of
    leading group processes,
    managing information,
    using analytical tools, and
    resolving conflicts
    to help decision makers produce effective decisions.
Are at the leading edge by integrating
    decision theory,
    group processes, and
    information technology
    to help key players generate shared understanding, create a sense of common purpose         and gain commitment to action.
Support the full problem solving process,
    from information gathering through implementation.
Have experience within every segment
    of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
Are internationally interspersed
    over three continents.
Are electronically linked
    to draw on each other’s expertise and resources to leverage value for each others’ clients.
Meet annually
    to share developments and experiences.

IDCF membership

IDCF membership Membership in IDCF is open to individuals who devote a significant portion of their working time to decision conferencing, but not necessarily conducting decision conferences.

If you feel that you meet this criterion and would like to be an invited guest at the IDCF2016, send an email to Carlos Bana e Costa (


  1.  1989, October 2-4, London, England
  2. 1990, October 17-19, St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA
  3. 1992, September 14-16, London, England
  4. 1993, August 9-11, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  5. 1995, April 5-7, Perth, Australia
  6. 1996, May 19-21, Otley, England
  7. 1997, October 19-21, St. Augustine, Florida, USA
  8. 1998, August 16-18, Loch Lomond, Scotland
  9. 2000, June 25-27, San Diego, California, USA
  10. 2001, June 27-29, London, England
  11. 2002, August 18-20, Sintra, Portugal
  12. 2003, July 20-22, St Thomas, USVI
  13. 2004, September 12-14, Washington, DC
  14. 2005, June 26-28, Madrid, Spain
  15. 2007, February 12-14, Sydney, Australia
  16. 2010, June 13-14, New York City, USA
  17. 2011, June 4-6, Berlin, Germany
  18. 2013, June 9-10, London
  19. 2015, June 12-14, Washington, DC
  20. 2016, June 11-12, Lisbon, Portugal (see Decision Analysis Today 35(2), 31-33, 2016)